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Futabakan layout

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Futabakan photo

1st floor grand parlor
Discovering Cultural Path: 1st floor grand parlor

Display panels and videos show the views and history of the Cultural Path, and provide up-to-date information on the use of Cultural Path facilities as well as upcoming events, not to mention the activities of pertinent groups and organizations. Special exhibitions also help to make this a place to discover all sorts of hidden Cultural Path treasures.Detailed exhibit information

1st floor exhibition room 1
Sadayakko Kawakami: the woman that dazzled Picasso—1st floor exhibition room 1, grand parlor

The first exhibition room features display panels highlighting Sadayakko Kawakami's life, as well as a range of materials from her career as an actress.Detailed exhibit information

1st floor exhibition rooms 4
Life a century ago: 1st floor exhibition rooms 2 through 4

These Japanese-style rooms are exactly as they were when they were constructed, and the quality is such that this section of the building is registered as a tangible cultural property. Furnishings and fittings have been included to recreate the room as it was, allowing visitors a glimpse of the items that Sadayakko used on a daily basis.Detailed exhibit information

1st floor hallway
Post-restration 1st floor hallway, grand parlor

When restoring the building, which was originally designed by Japanese home-building specialists "Amerikaya", care was exercised to use the same materials (structural materials, stained glass, etc.) and methods as when the house was first erected wherever possible. Through display panels and exhibiting the original parts that have since been restored, visitors are able to get a real feel for the history of the building and the architectural methods of the time. The grand parlor has a video diary of the relocation and restoration.Detailed exhibit information

2nd floor exhibition rooms 5 through 8
Local literature: 2nd floor exhibition rooms 5 through 8

A virtual treasure trove of literature, these rooms feature materials and display panels outlining writers and literary works with close ties to Nagoya and its surrounding areas, including the writings of Naoki Award winner Saburo Shiroyama, Akutagawa Award laureate Tsuyoshi Kotani, Toshiko Tamura Award recipient Miyoshi Enatsu, Choku Award winner Ken Kasugai and one of the founders of modern Japanese literature, Shoyo Tsubouchi. There is also a retrospective look at the fanzines that abounded in the area at the time. Some of the materials are placed on bookshelves for visitors to touch and peruse at their leisure.Detailed exhibit information

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Volunteer guides Information

Volunteer guides escort visitors around Futatabakan and explain in detail about all its attractions. Please gather in the grand parlor on the 1st floor five minutes before the scheduled tour start time.

Guided tours of other attractions
Former residence of Sasuke Toyoda
Guided tours available: Thursdays between 10:00 and 15:00 (on demand)
Higashi-ku Cultural Path Volunteer Guide Association
This group of dedicated enthusiasts provides volunteer guides for tours with detailed explanations of a range of cultural facilities and ruins around the Cultural Path area. If you wish to join the association, please call the Higashi-ku Community Development Promotion Division at 052-934-1123

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